Positive thinking is health

3-you post in “Miracle theory” by Kremena Ficheva January 26 2013 G.“LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW - LIVE THE ESSENCE OF MAN, WHOEVER WANTS TO BE. So it will be

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High speed

4-you post from “Miracle theory” of Kremena Ficheva25 May 2013 G.“Do not drag your destiny intoxicated by high speed, and thoughts: "WHAT AM I DOING? WHY

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Jeff Bezos or Einstein - The Self!

And how to explain to Jeff Bezos, that there is no need for space tourism and relocation to other planets, and he needs awareness, that this, what he thinks of Reality is his bad thinking? He can't understand me, because this man was born from my personal thinking into my personal Reality!!! So the problem is not in him or in the state, or in a pandemic, and in my negative way of thinking, when I condemn the Reality of My Thought Perceptions, Who Are Born Of My Thought Energy.

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… with the Ego you perceive evil there, where you are not aware of whether it exists beyond your thinking (and you know, that you are not in knowledge of the world, if he is beyond your personal thinking).

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