Kremena Ficheva studied pedagogy, drama and dance theater, and later therapeutic techniques.

As an actress she has been practicing since the age of twenty and has seven years of experience in the state drama theaters of the cities of Varna and Pleven..

While devoting himself to his family and raising his children, for ten years she collaborated with her husband mainly as a model in underwater photography.

Therapies with therapeutic techniques from 2008 to 2018 year unlock the need for skills, to combine the restorative with the constructive methods for self-preparation of the body. This is how he created the ModDay sports and dance system together with a book of the same name, which serves as instruction.

In parallel with physical training come insights into the nature of phenomena in reality and up to 2020 year wrote his philosophical trilogy "Theory of Miracles", "War or Peace in the Soul" and "Free School for the Soul", and the play "Butterfly Revolution" is a reference to “Miracle theory” .

The BLOG FOR MIRACLES mission is a momentary insight, which appear in the mind of the writer, and are shared, to change lives through love, humility and miracles. The emphasis is on the themes of the philosophical trilogy, described in the 'My Books' section.