about ModuDay

Why and how I did this system ModuDay?

Every beginning is important

In the beginning of the day is the time for ModuDay

People often quit sports and dancing when they reach a crucial moment of overloading – why? Because they have forgotten the beginning. The correct starting point is one of the most important factors for success. Daily return to the beginning definitely launches to the upper levels and at the same time you are based on your solid grounds.

ModuDay is not exactly a warming before sports training but rather a realized, patient and consecutive examination of the condition of the body. Repeating the exercises in a natural way extends and improves each movement at each motion without a trace of any physical or mental discomfort. Looking from aside it seems like you work slowly but this is misleading as you, actually succeed in profoundity. Profoundity of abilities, namely, is the fuel and the prerequisite for successful beginning.

The system turned out as I tried to find a way to go on training after lots of old traumas and lots of fears for new unpleasant surprises that might appear. I’ve met many people looking in bad shape after having quit sport activities of professional dancing. Their bodies have forgotten all successes and their minds have remembered the frantic endeavours to the ultimate limits. I understand why they think they could not restore their previous good physical shape going through all these trials again. Family cares and professional cares limit the hours of leisure and sport while entertainments in the free times often come to listening and watching electronic media only.

One day I decided to just check whether with pleasure and persistence only a good effect can be achieved, such the one achieved by many people in sports who say “there is no gain without pain”. I started to systemize my trainings. I put myself a two months term in which with persistent work and discipline I really reached wonderful results. On 19th October 2011 the ModuDay system was finally completed and named. Testing term of two years followed, during which I worked with people of different ages and of different physical qualities. All, from 7 to 70 years of age, apprehend the trainings with easiness.

You are welcome for educational courses which will give you the possibilities to work independently every day at home.

Kremena Ficheva